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Honda Jazz Hatchback vs Honda City Sedan car

Sedan vs. Hatchback: Which is right for you?

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Ready to buy a new car? As you might have noticed, most brands offer both sedan and hatchback versions. But which one is better? Read on to learn all about their similarities and differences.

A good example is Honda City versus Honda Jazz. Let’s take a look at each model.

Honda City side view


The sedan has four doors and seats four or more passengers. It has a rear cargo area, also known as a trunk.

The sedan is usually bigger and can haul more and bigger pieces of luggage. This model is perfect for people who travel or need the extra space. For example, the Honda City sedan has the best in class luggage capacity. A major benefit is that the trunk is covered from public view, so it offers security and makes it less sensitive to odor, dirt or temperature.

If you are looking for more luggage capacity, the Honda City sedan is for you. It poses 536L worth of trunk space which is 152L more than the Honda Jazz. In the trunk, you will be able to store more things without sacrificing interior room.

Sedan models also offer more space for the legs in the rear passenger. This is especially true in the Honda City where a marvellous amount of rear legroom is available. Also, most sedans have a larger fuel tank, increasing the total range of the vehicle.

Although the sedans models have plenty of benefits, there are some drawbacks like it could pose problems when it comes to parking. But most models right now come with either back up sensors or a rear view camera (or both).

red Honda Jazz top rear view


The hatchback models are essentially a sedan without a rear cargo. Hatchbacks are usually categorized as having five doors, because a rear hatch serves as its trunk lid.

In this type of models, cargo access is easier. Yes, the space is smaller, but you can fold rear seats and that will increase luggage capacity. The only disadvantage is that by doing this, the number of allowable passengers is less.

Hatchback models are considered fun cars, where you can serve as great venues for picnic, gatherings and hangouts on the beach, park or field. All you need to do is just open the hatch and fold the seats.
Hatchbacks are also more compact, streamlined and athletic in terms of looks. Rear crash safety is not an issue because structure strength is designed to meet stringent regulations. For example, the Honda Jazz is equipped with the best safety features like emergency stop signals, vehicle stability assist, hill start assist and airbags.

Which one is better?

In Malaysia, hatchbacks are gaining ground, mainly because of traffic and parking space. Also there are several new models that are becoming really popular, like the Honda Jazz.

Both sedans and hatchbacks serve their purposes as a people carrier. They both can transport four or more people and they can also carry on groceries or luggage for a trip.

Prices are not so far apart, and both are fuel economy. For example, the price for the Honda City starts at RM73,836.00 without insurance and the Honda Jazz price starts at RM70,242.00 also without insurance.

Many shoppers prefer hatchbacks because they are more stylish, and offer a sleeker and more youthful look.

Meanwhile sedans are more oriented to families mainly because they have more space and you can place groceries, strollers, bags and many more without sacrificing interior room.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and lifestyle because look and functions are equally important. So visit your nearest Honda Service Center in Malaysia and take a look at the choices; you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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