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fuel efficieny

Tips to Choose a Fuel-Efficient Car

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When you are buying a new car, there are several things to consider. And for most of us, we want a car that has the highest petrol mileage. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decide on which one to buy.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of tips to choose a fuel-efficient car. Remember selecting the right vehicle is important because it will determine how much money you spend on fuel every day.

The Best Fuel-Efficient Car of 2019

Our favorite fuel-efficient car of 2019 is the Honda Jazz.

The Honda Jazz is the perfect option if you are looking for a fuel-efficient car. It’s small but it’s fun to drive and it won’t bore you. It has plenty of space, and it’s full of useful tech features. Moreover, this popular Honda model is sold at an affordable price, and it returns 18 KMPL (kilometre per litre) in base petrol engine.

If for any reason the Honda Jazz doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of other fuel-efficient cars offered by Honda Malaysia you can choose from.

Tips to Choose a Fuel-Efficient Car

Define your Needs

Before buying a new car, it’s advisable to make a list of all your needs.

Ask yourself, “what do I need the car for?”

Based on your answer, choose the model that meets most if not all your needs. Otherwise, you could end up with a fuel-efficient problem.

Remember you have to consider certain things such as:

  • Size of the car trunk. If you always carry a lot of things in your car, you need to consider which car trunk is right for you.
  • Driving distance
  • Family size

For example, if you need to drive your family of four, you will need a good subcompact vehicle such as the Honda HR-V that comes in 4 variants, including a hybrid version.

Keep in mind that the heavier the car, the higher fuel consumption it has.


If you want a fuel-efficient car, you need to know that the biggest savings in petrol will come from a four-cylinder engine rather than a six or eight-cylinder.

Honda Malaysia has several four-cylinder models:

Honda Odyssey econ button


When you are looking for fuel-efficient vehicles, an obvious option is hybrid models. Right now it is possible to find hybrid in different model types from compacts to SUVs.

Most of the time, you will pay a little bit more for a hybrid version but you will compensate for the cost with what you are going to save on petrol.

Honda Malaysia offers two hybrid models, namely the Honda Jazz and the Honda HR-V.

For example, with the Honda Jazz hybrid, you will spend only RM7.82 for a 40 kilometres drive.

White hybrid HRV

Buy a New Car

Go for a new car if you want a fuel-efficient vehicle. Why? In the last couple of years, technology has helped improve petrol consumption. Newer cars have more efficient engines.

Additionally, it is key to properly maintain your vehicle so make sure you take your Honda to your nearest Honda Service Centre in Penang.


Having the right tyres can improve petrol consumption by 5%. Always make sure your tyres are properly inflated to the right pressure as indicated in your car manual.

Moreover, poorly inflated tyres increase the risk of your vehicle losing control, and the risk of accident.

Honda rim tyre


Honda Malaysia offers a wide variety of fuel-efficient models at amazing prices. The best thing to consider before buying a brand new car is to determine what your needs are. Once you figured them out, you will be able to choose the right Honda model for yourself. Remember Honda offers hybrid version if fuel consumption is your top priority.

Finally, a great way to improve fuel economy is changing your driving habits, and the challenge is, don’t speed. For example, when you lower your speed from 85 to 75 km/h, you can save about 10 percent of fuel.

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Silver Honda CRV

Honda Malaysia Sold 44,200+ Cars in the First Half of 2019 in Malaysia

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Once again, Honda Malaysia is the number 1 non-national automaker in the country, which sold 44,200 units of vehicles in the first six months of 2019, with May being the best selling month with 10,500 trades.

But there is more good news for Honda Malaysia because their year-to-date industry volume rests at 15.3 percent, placing the brand on the second position overall.

The Honda City is without a doubt the most popular vehicle with more than 15,000 units sold in the first half of 2019, which translates to 34 percent of the sales share. In other words, the Honda City is officially the most wanted B-segment car in Malaysia.

Here are the market leaders in their respective segments for May 2019:

Honda is so popular in Malaysia that buyers who book for the cars mentioned above have to wait around one or two months to get their new vehicle.

With this amazing results for Honda Malaysia in the first half of 2019, the director and CEO, Mr. Toichi Ishiyama said:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all Malaysians for their continuous support and trust in the Honda brand. The first half of 2019 has been challenging but encouraging for us. The Civic reached a milestone of 130,000 units sold while the Jazz delivered the 100,000th unit to its owner.”

Mr. Toichi Ishiyama added that Honda is always innovating so they will continue to offer cars and products of good quality with the latest technology. Honda’s mission is to deliver the best to all its customers, bringing joy to every Honda owner.

There is no doubt that the Honda Civic and Jazz have become a favorite among Malaysians. With these models coupled with Honda impressive customer support, Honda Malaysia is hoping to achieve more in the second half of 2019.

Just like what Honda Malaysia’s new COO, Sarly Adle Sarkum said: “It has been a very exciting few weeks for me since I took office. I am impressed with the strong commitment and dedication of the team to bring Honda to greater heights in Malaysia. This has given me the confidence that we can take on the challenge to push our sales even further. We would like to thank all our customers for supporting our brand.”

To thank all their customers in Malaysia and to celebrate this amazing achievement, a Honda Malaysia Promotion was launched, namely the Tech Frontier Rewards. This Honda Promotion focuses on rewarding customers and getting them familiar with Honda’s Next Generation Advanced Technology, specifically Honda SENSING, Turbo, and Sport Hybrid i-DCD.

The Honda Malaysia promotion offers a Honda bonus, Tech Month bonus, and a gift with a value of up to RM5,000. This exclusive gift applies to all models except the Civic Type-R, and it is available until September 30, 2019.

Honda Odyssey dashboardd

Why Choose Honda Malaysia?

It is not surprising that Honda Malaysia is the leading manufacturer in the Non-National segment and second overall with 15.33 percent contribution in the Total Industry Volume (TIV), because of the many benefits they offer, including:

  • Safety: One of Honda’s top priorities is the safety of all passengers inside the vehicle. All Honda models have earned a Top Safety Pick, including Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, Honda Fit and more.
  • The right size: There is a Honda vehicle for every family. It doesn’t matter if you are a family of two or a family of eight, you can choose a Honda.
  • Value: Honda cars are reliable, which means they hold on to their value for many years. When you buy a Honda, you are making a great investment.
  • Eco-friendly: Honda cares about the environment and that’s why their vehicles are fuel-efficient and they are always working on new technologies to make their cars more eco-friendly.

Celebrate with us and take advantage of the Honda Malaysia Promotion. I am sure there is a Honda waiting to fit your needs and preferences.

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Honda CR-V

CBU or CKD Cars: What Are The Differences?

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When you are thinking about buying a new car, you may have encountered terms like “CBU” and “CKD”. But what exactly do they mean?

Before explaining the terms, it is worth mentioning that both CBU and CKD terminologies do not possess any difference in terms of technicalities.

All cars are made at their respective company manufacturing plants. And when car manufacturers want to export their vehicles to other countries, the vehicles can be shipped in as a complete unit or in fragmented parts. It’s in this scenario where the concepts of CBU and CKD are used.

CBU stands for Complete Built-Up and CKD stands for Complete Knocked-Down.

CBU: Complete Built-Up

CBU refers to automobiles that are imported from or exported to some other country as a complete vehicle fully assembled. For example: When a car is completely built in the target country as a whole piece.

Remember CBU cars do not require any assembly plant in the target country.

A well-known CBU unit in Malaysia is the Honda Odyssey.

Things to remember about CBU:

  • Imported as fully finished, assembled unit
  • For non ASEAN countries, there is a higher import duty of 30%
  • Purchase on release

CKD: Complete Knocked-Down

CKD cars require an assembly plant in the target country as the units are shipped to the target country as fragmented parts.

Incomplete CKD vehicles are first sent to an assembly plant in the target country where all the parts are assembled before the vehicles can be sold.

Some CKD cars in Malaysia include Honda Jazz, Honda City, Honda HR-V, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, and Honda Accord.

Things to remember:

  • Imported parts are assembled locally to become a CKD vehicle.
  • Manufacturers may also use local content for parts like tires, windows, and headlights.
  • Lower import duty: 10%
  • Longer waiting time

The Price

As you may already noticed, the biggest difference between CBU and CKD units is the pricing. Why?

There is a 20% difference in import duty, and this will make a huge difference in what you pay for.

You can expect to pay up to RM15,000 to RM20,000 more on a CBU model. This difference in the import duty structure is because CBU does not create as much revenue and employment opportunities, in this case in Malaysia, than CKD units.

This however, has an exception. In fact, not all CBU vehicles come with a 30% tax. Because of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA), there is no import duty on a CBU vehicle produced in an ASEAN country.

So in some cases, a CBU would come out cheaper than a CKD unit, because the unit is ASEAN assembled, which carry 0% import duty.

CKD units are encouraged because they bring technology to the target country, and infrastructure and labor investment, generating business and employment opportunities.

In most cases, manufacturers rarely offer both CBU and CKD versions of the same models of their cars at the same time.

Some drivers reckon there is a difference in the quality of the units between CBU and CKD vehicles, and they insist on paying more for a CBU car. Although there are some differences in specifications between the two, such as materials, finishing and workmanship, they are often minor.


Finally, you need to be patient if you want a CKD unit because new models of foreign cars are usually released as CBU first.

The CKD version will only be available in the market around 6 – 12 months later, replacing the earlier CBU unit.

It’s important to always ask your Honda dealer where your car was assembled before you decide to make a purchase.

Even if the car that you wish to buy is a CBU unit, you can save money with Honda Malaysia promotions that are always available for all types of models and variants.

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Honda Sensing

Honda Sensing – Protecting the Driver with the Latest Safety Features

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When you are on the road, you want to be safe. This is the main reason why Honda developed ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), or as more fondly referred to by Honda and its customers, Honda Sensing.

This new active safety system lowers the risk of collisions for many Honda drivers and passengers.

Let’s talk more about what exactly ADAS is.


Honda Sensing

Honda Sensing, also known as Advanced Driver Assistance, (ADAS) is a list of active safety system.

The main function of Honda Sensing? It assists the driver to minimize the risk of accidents.

Although the system makes it possible for Honda drivers to minimize accidents, drivers should still always pay attention, wear their seat belts and of course never drive recklessly.

It is a driver assistive technology designed to alert drivers from things they might miss on the road.

For example, it can alert a distracted driver of potential dangers, and in some cases, momentarily take over driving duties from the driver.

Honda sensing is so intelligent that it can automatically steer or brake the vehicle if you are not reacting fast enough.

Honda Sensing has two key components:

  • A monocular camera mounted behind the rear view mirror
  • A millimeter wave radar mounted beneath grille on the front bumper

These two key components work together to boost your safety while driving.

Till date, there are two Honda Models in Malaysia that are equipped with this technology: Honda CR-V and Honda Accord.


Honda Sensing Features

The features within Honda Sensing include:

Collision Mitigation Braking System

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)

CMBS can help bring your Honda to a stop if the system determines that a collision in front of you is unavoidable.

The Collision Mitigation Braking system comes integrated with FCW (Forward Collision Warning), which uses a small camera mounted at the top of the front windshield to detect any vehicles in front of you.

If you are at risk of a collision with a detected vehicle, the FCW will activate audio and visual alerts, if you don’t act, the CMBS will automatically apply brake pressure.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

The Lane Departure Warning in Honda Sensing steps in when the driver strays out of the lane without signaling. It works at speeds between 72 km/h and 180 km/h.

The great thing about Honda LDW system is that it is really good for the traffic conditions in Malaysia, because it is better at judging when your steering inputs are intentional and when they aren’t.

LDW will know if you are making an intentional move and won’t interfere.

When LDW system is triggered, it would alert you with flash and sound, and if you don’t react it would turn the steering wheel to bring the car back into the centre of the lane.

Lane Keeping Assist System


Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

The Lane Keeping Assist System helps the driver to keep the car in the centre of the lane. It operates at speeds between 72 km/h and 180 km/h.

LKAS constantly adjusts the steering wheel angle, with the help of the monocular camera that detects paint white lines on the road.

It will activate when the driver is not holding onto the steering wheel for more than 15 seconds.

Keep in mind that both LDW and LKAS can be permanently disabled.

Road Departure Mitigation System

Road Departure Mitigation (RDM)

RDM is an extension of LDW. It detects solid white lines on the left side of the road.

If the vehicle is close to the edge of the road, it will correct the steering wheel, and if necessary it will apply the brakes as well.

Note that CMBS and RDM are always active in the background as default.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

When the ACC detects slowing traffic ahead, by using a millimeter wave radar mounted on the lower side of the front bumper, the system reduces the vehicle’s preset cruise control speed.

Low Speed Follow (LSF)

Another function of ACC is LSF. LSF is useful for stop-and-go traffic.

All you have to do is preset the maximum speed and distance, and the LSF will simply follow the vehicle in front.

LSF is able to brake to a complete stop if necessary.

As you can see, one of Honda’s top priorities is the safety of the driver and passengers, and this is true for all Honda models.

Just take a look at all the Honda models that have earned a Top Safety Pick, such as Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey, Honda Civic, Honda Jazz and Honda CR-V.

Besides the many safety benefits Honda offers, you can be sure you will find a great Honda Malaysia promotion to buy your new car.

For example, the new Honda Odyssey price in Malaysia starts at RM254,800 and the Honda Civic at RM108,165.

So check out your nearest Honda dealership and see that there is always a Honda for you.

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honda city

Used Cars or Brand New Honda Cars?

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When you decided to buy a new car, for example, the brand new Honda City, many would tell you that you should buy a used Honda City instead.

Among some of the reasons are used cars are cheaper, and the insurance premium that comes with is also lower.

But is buying used car really cheap?

Besides having a lower price tag, used cars require higher maintenance and repair fees shall anything breaks down (think gearbox and engine), and a much higher interest rate (almost double) for hire purchase.

Moreover, it will be a complete disaster if you happen to purchase a flooded vehicle, which is proven to give the owner a lot of headache even after repair is done (apparently, water and wiring/electricity don’t mix well).

Why it’s a good idea to buy a new car?

Exactly what you wanted

When you decided to buy a brand new car, you know exactly what you want and what you gonna get.

You’ve checked out the vehicle specifications on the Honda website, visited the showroom (Malaysia Honda Dealership), and felt what it’s like to sit in the car you choose.

Once you buy the car, you can expect to have a new car exactly what you expected — the smell, the sitting position, tip top condition, etc.

Unlike buying a used car, due to many uncertainty, you might not get a vehicle of what you expected.

Honda City seat view


Yes, new cars cost more (actually not that much once you factor in other calculations), but the value you get over long term, not just monetarily, can be much higher. For example, Honda City price Malaysia starts from RM 73,836.

Your bank is much more likely to give you a loan for a brand new car than for a used car. Plus new cars get better interest rates.

And you know that the lower the better, because that rate will stick with you for 5, 7 or even 9 years.



Maybe the most important reason is that you want to get a car that wouldn’t break down. Buying a brand new Honda car sets you free from any repair issues, so you can save a lot of time and money.

Note that all new Honda vehicles come with a 5-year warranty to offer car owners a worry-free car ownership experience.

And that’s why many are willing to pay slightly more for certainty and peace of mind.

The majority of us have enough stuff going on in our life, and constantly worrying about the car is the last thing we want.

Honda HRV dashboard

Petrol mileage

With petrol prices going up, we know that new models are more fuel efficient. Right now for example, the Honda City and Honda Jazz bring Econ Mode and Eco Assistant to improve fuel efficiency with the push of a button.

This no doubt, will be an important factor determining the value of a car over the long term.



New cars come with a warranty, which offers car owners complete peace of mind.

Honda cars come with a 5-year warranty directly from the manufacturer, which means you can bring your vehicle to any Malaysia Honda Dealership if any issues arise.

On the other hand, used cars come with uncertainty — you may not have access to the maintenance log and accident records, and all you depend on is how well the previous owner cared for the vehicle.



Depreciation is without a doubt the number 1 reason why many people consider buying a used car. But depreciation is not what it used to be anymore.

The prices of new cars have dropped, and with several Honda Malaysia promotions going on, many buyers managed to grab a promotion and made buying a brand new honda car a perfect deal.

Plus with new cars, buyers are able to save a big amount on hire purchase interest rates, which can translate to thousands of Ringgit over the entire course of car ownership.

For example, the Honda Jazz price Malaysia starts from RM 70,242; Honda City price Malaysia starts from RM73,836 with a 5-year warranty.

So nowadays, does it still make sense to buy a used car over a new one?


Honda Jazz i-VTEC engineIn short

Buying a used car might save you money upfront, but over the long term it can cost you more.

You may want to consider spending a little more for a brand new car and avoid the risks of car repair, higher interest rates, etc.

Before making your decision, check out Honda Malaysia promotions and find out how much you can save.

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Honda civic in a row

National Automotive Policy: Will it affect Honda car buyers in Malaysia?

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The Malaysian government reviews the national automotive policy from time to time, and is contemplating imposing conditions on the import of foreign vehicles. While the country is in favor of free trade, certain conditions are still in discussion.

Do you know that the Malaysia automotive industry contributes about RM40 billion of Malaysia’s GDP? At the same time, the industry employs more than 700,000 people nationwide, comprises 27 OEMs (vehicle manufacturers), and has established an estimated 53,000 aftermarket and over 600 part and component suppliers?

It’s a huge market and industry. In fact, the Malaysian automotive industry is the third largest in Southeast Asia, with an annual production of more than 500,000 vehicles.

Although the automotive industry in Malaysia primarily serves domestic demand, and only a several thousand vehicles are exported annually, the export of parts and components that are made in Malaysia had grown over the years, and they are a huge contributor to Malaysia GDP (over RM11 billion).

2014 was the last time a review was done on the policy, but the condition of the automotive sector has since changed a lot, not only in Malaysia but globally. This time around, the National Automotive Policy will review additional elements in terms of promoting electric and hybrid cars.

**The policy will cover all areas of the automotive industry, from supply chain, human capital and development of charging facilities.

One thing’s for sure: the National Automotive Policy has created uncertainty, especially whether the government decides to maintain the Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) programme that provides incentives for fuel efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles.

What is the definition of Energy Efficient Vehicles?

Energy Efficient Vehicles are vehicles that meet a set of define specification in terms of carbon emission level (g/km) and fuel consumption (l/100km).

For example, Honda Jazz hybrid produces 1.8 litre naturally aspirated levels of output and has fuel consumption of 4.0 litres per 100 kilometers. The Honda Jazz hybrid price in Malaysia starts from RM76,316 depending on the model.

In 2018, 18,754 hybrid cars were sold, compared to 13,650 units in 2017. So it will be great if the Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV) programme continues to support all industry players.

Honda Civic rim

Will National Automotive Policy affect Honda car buyers?

The simple answer is no. This is because Honda Motor Company sell both imported and locally assembled units in Malaysia. Moreover, Honda has 21 percent market share and is one of the top selling foreign brands in Malaysia.

Honda car assembly plant in Pegoh has been operating since 2003. At this moment, they are producing seven models:

Besides, it also assembles hybrid variants of the Jazz and City respectively, with the Jazz hybrid being the first in the class to be manufactured in Malaysia.

Additionally, various Honda Malaysia promotions are available from time to time for new Honda vehicles. This includes goodies such as Honda rewards, exclusive gifts, cash rebates, making Honda cars extremely attractive among Malaysian buyers.

For after sales service, with a wide network of Honda service centers in Malaysia, Honda car buyers are best known for enjoying superior services and total peace of mind when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

The National Automotive Policy is still pending for further announcements, and we will have to wait to learn more about it. Let’s hope that the Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV) programme continues to support all industry players and increase the use of Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV).

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New Honda HR-V Remains No.1 In Compact SUV Segment, Achieves Three Months Sales Targets Within One Month

Category : News

Petaling Jaya, 28 February 2019 – Honda Malaysia (or the Company) today announced that the New HR-V has received bookings of more than 8,500 units up to date. With the official launch in January 2019, the bookings increased exponentially, achieving over three months’ target within one month with close to 4,000 bookings recorded. Since its launch, Honda Malaysia has delivered more than 3,000 units of the New HR-V to its customers. The New HR-V also dominated 87% of market share in the Compact SUV segment as of January 2019 and remains No.1 position as the segment leader.

Based on the New HR-V sales recorded by region to date, Klang Valley contributed the highest sales at 47% where the stylish New HR-V proved to be fitting for urban driving. The Southern region recorded 18% of total sales while the Northern region also contributed 18%.

The Passion Red Pearl was the new colour option offered by Honda Malaysia and the New HR-V was the first model to feature the colour. The Passion Red Pearl colour appears to be the favourite among the customers, representing 28% of overall sales for the New HR-V.

The New HR-V is offered in four variants, the Hybrid, RS, V and E. The Petrol variant is powered by a 1.8L SOHC i-VTEC engine combined with Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that delivers a fun-to-drive experience.

Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Toichi Ishiyama said, “The HR-V has grown in popularity since it was first launched back in 2015. The line-up of variants offered in the New HR-V was targeted and planned to meet the demands and requirements of customers for performance, fuel-efficiency and practicality. We are glad to see that the New HR-V has been overwhelmingly received by Malaysians. I would like to extend my appreciation to all the New HR-V owners for their support in making this achievement possible. Honda Malaysia will continue to uphold our commitment to offer quality products which are user-friendly, practical and promotes the ‘Joy of Buying’ for our customers.”

Mr. Ishiyama also added, “The top of range variant which is the New HR-V RS has been well accepted in the market despite its first introduction in Malaysia. The RS variant with its stylish features such as 18-inch Dual-Tone Alloy Wheels, Sporty Design Front Grille, black front and rear bumper on top of the new driving feature Variable Gear Ratio (VGR) steering system has been well received especially among the male target market. We are pleased to note that the New HR-V remains the best in its class, appealing to the market with its compact yet spacious interiors which is comparable to a C-segment vehicle.”

As the first marque to introduce a Hybrid in the Compact SUV segment, the New HR-V Sport Hybrid with intelligent Dual-Clutch Drive (i-DCD) system appeals to customers who are looking for performance and fuel efficiency in a Compact SUV package. Its 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC engine with Direct Injection combined with 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission and Integrated High Power Motor provides quick and engaging vehicle performance with excellent fuel efficiency. The combined output of the engine and motor assisted by the High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery provides Hybrid power that is equal to a 2.0L engine performance – offering a fun and dynamic driving experience.

The New HR-V is designed to cater for a sophisticated personality appeals to young adults, families as well as professionals and executives. Its practical and functional features include the Multi-Utility Cargo Space which offers class leading cabin space has been overwhelmingly received by both urban and sub-urban customers in Malaysia.

Standard safety features in the New HR-V are Six Airbags, Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA) and ISO Fix. The New HR-V is also setting new benchmark in the Compact SUV segment by introducing value added features such as Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, 8-Way Driver Power Seat (V & RS), full leather seats (V & RS), Honda LaneWatch camera (V & RS), Cruise Control and Paddle Shift.

Customers can visit any of Honda’s 98 Authorised Dealers nationwide to view, test drive and place a booking for the New HR-V. For more information, please call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or log on to

The New HR-V achieves three months sales target within one month with more than 3,000 units delivered to customers since its launch.

Malaysia is the only country outside Japan to introduce the New HR-V Hybrid equipped with advanced Sport Hybrid i-DCD.

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Honda Civic white front view

Honda Civic: Go for 1.5L Turbo or 1.8L Model?

Category : News

The Honda Civic doesn’t need an introduction, everybody loves this car. The Civic is perfect for any type of drivers. Regardless of age, we all enjoy driving the Honda Civic.

Here in Malaysia, you can choose from two engine versions, namely the 1.5L Turbo or 1.8L model. Both have an amazing design that will definitely capture your attention. They have a sporty look, almost like a race car even though they are a sedan with a spacious boot.

In addition, Honda Service Centres in Malaysia provide a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, and servicing and maintenance is only needed for every 10,000 kilometres or every 6 months, whichever comes first. This is applicable for both models, with five times alternate free labour for servicing.

Let’s talk more about the main differences between Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo and 1.8L Model.

Honda Civic 1.8L

The Honda Civic 1.8L price in Malaysia start at RM 110,426 and there are five colours available: Crystal Black Pearl, Dark Ruby Red Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, White Orchid Pearl and Lunar Silver Metallic.

The road tax for this Honda model is higher than the Honda Civic 1.5L due to its 1.8 litre engine. The yearly payment is RM280.00.

The Civic 1.8 is powered by 1.8-litre engine that will give you a range of over 500 kilometres on a full tank of petrol. It produces 138hp and 174 Nm of torque and 141 PS, and it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 10.4 seconds.

Mileage service and maintenance is due every 10,000 km or every 6 months (whichever comes first) and it can be done at your near Honda Service Centre in Malaysia. The cost of mileage service and maintenance for this Honda Civic 1.8L model goes from RM216.50 for the 10,000km or 6 months service to RM1,039 for the 200,000k or 120 months service.

Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo

Malaysians buyers can choose from Honda Civic 1.5L TC with a starting price of RM124,076 and 1.5L TC-P with a starting price of RM131,883.

They both have the same specifications, but the Honda Civic 1.5L TC-P has:

  • LED headlamps & LED fog lamps
  • Chrome door handles
  • Dual zone air-con
  • Navigation

As mentioned, the road tax for Honda Civic 1.5L is lower than the 1.8L version and the yearly payment is only RM90.00.

The 1.5 version comes with 1.5L DOHC VTEC Turbo engine, a CVT gearbox paddle, 173 PS, 220 Nm, and it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.2 seconds. Official fuel consumption figure is 17.2 km/L.

Like the Honda Civic 1.8L version, the mileage service and maintenance is due every 10,000 kilometres or every 6 months, whichever comes first. The cost of mileage service and maintenance for this Honda Civic 1.5L model goes from RM 63.60 for the 10,000km or 6 months service to RM 715.11 for the 200,000km or 120 months service.

Other things to consider before buying your new Honda Civic are the Pros and Cons of Turbo.

Turbo Pros

  • Increase in Power
  • More Efficiency
  • Improve fuel economy as much as 20-40%
  • Quieter

Turbo Cons

  • Turbo Lag
  • Boost Threshold
  • Need engine lubrication

No matter which car you choose, both cars are amazing, and both get the new Remote Engine Start, Honda’s signature touch panel air condition control, cruise control and a 7-inch advanced display audio that features Bluetooth, MP3 and IPOD connectivity, as well as USB & HDMI ports.

Moreover, both cars have six airbags, vehicle stability assist, anti lock braking system, electronic brake distribution, auto brake hold, brake assist and many other safety features.

Before making up your mind, make sure to check out the latest Honda Malaysia promotion so you can save money and enjoy your new ride! See you at the nearest Honda showroom soon.

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Honda Jazz Hatchback vs Honda City Sedan car

Sedan vs. Hatchback: Which is right for you?

Category : News

Ready to buy a new car? As you might have noticed, most brands offer both sedan and hatchback versions. But which one is better? Read on to learn all about their similarities and differences.

A good example is Honda City versus Honda Jazz. Let’s take a look at each model.

Honda City side view


The sedan has four doors and seats four or more passengers. It has a rear cargo area, also known as a trunk.

The sedan is usually bigger and can haul more and bigger pieces of luggage. This model is perfect for people who travel or need the extra space. For example, the Honda City sedan has the best in class luggage capacity. A major benefit is that the trunk is covered from public view, so it offers security and makes it less sensitive to odor, dirt or temperature.

If you are looking for more luggage capacity, the Honda City sedan is for you. It poses 536L worth of trunk space which is 152L more than the Honda Jazz. In the trunk, you will be able to store more things without sacrificing interior room.

Sedan models also offer more space for the legs in the rear passenger. This is especially true in the Honda City where a marvellous amount of rear legroom is available. Also, most sedans have a larger fuel tank, increasing the total range of the vehicle.

Although the sedans models have plenty of benefits, there are some drawbacks like it could pose problems when it comes to parking. But most models right now come with either back up sensors or a rear view camera (or both).

red Honda Jazz top rear view


The hatchback models are essentially a sedan without a rear cargo. Hatchbacks are usually categorized as having five doors, because a rear hatch serves as its trunk lid.

In this type of models, cargo access is easier. Yes, the space is smaller, but you can fold rear seats and that will increase luggage capacity. The only disadvantage is that by doing this, the number of allowable passengers is less.

Hatchback models are considered fun cars, where you can serve as great venues for picnic, gatherings and hangouts on the beach, park or field. All you need to do is just open the hatch and fold the seats.
Hatchbacks are also more compact, streamlined and athletic in terms of looks. Rear crash safety is not an issue because structure strength is designed to meet stringent regulations. For example, the Honda Jazz is equipped with the best safety features like emergency stop signals, vehicle stability assist, hill start assist and airbags.

Which one is better?

In Malaysia, hatchbacks are gaining ground, mainly because of traffic and parking space. Also there are several new models that are becoming really popular, like the Honda Jazz.

Both sedans and hatchbacks serve their purposes as a people carrier. They both can transport four or more people and they can also carry on groceries or luggage for a trip.

Prices are not so far apart, and both are fuel economy. For example, the price for the Honda City starts at RM73,836.00 without insurance and the Honda Jazz price starts at RM70,242.00 also without insurance.

Many shoppers prefer hatchbacks because they are more stylish, and offer a sleeker and more youthful look.

Meanwhile sedans are more oriented to families mainly because they have more space and you can place groceries, strollers, bags and many more without sacrificing interior room.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and lifestyle because look and functions are equally important. So visit your nearest Honda Service Center in Malaysia and take a look at the choices; you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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Honda HRV in Ruby Red Pearl

Honda HR-V Car Review in Malaysia

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To drive a Honda HR-V Car is really an amazing experience. The Honda HR-V car was originally launched in Malaysia in February 2015, and since then it has sailed through with great customer reviews till 2018. In fact, the Hi-Rider Revolutionary Car has been at the top of the B segment crossover sales chart.

As a curious fact, Honda HR-V car is the second most popular car in Malaysia, just after the Honda City. Honda HR-V car is responsible for 30% of the company’s total sales.

Honda HR-V red

Why is the Honda HR-V Car So Popular?

Well, let’s begin by saying that it is by far the most spacious B segment car you can get in Malaysia market. Now here we are talking about a 5-seater premium crossover which sits between the Honda BR-V and CR-V.

The design is really modern and beautiful; as we all know, nobody wants to drive an ugly car, no matter how spacious or practical it is. The car looks sporty and is very eye catching, especially when viewed up front.

The Honda HR-V is only available as a petrol model with one engine option. It has three different variants, with CVT transmission mated to a 1.8 litre petrol engine as standard in all three variants.

Honda HR-V grey

Interior and Features

On the inside, the HR-V has a sporty appeal, with an all black cabin that is very functional and practical.

The steering wheel is light and very easy to move, with round theme buttons for audio, Bluetooth and cruise controls. The instrument console is a great complement for the sporty look of the HR-V, thanks to the blue backlit console.

The Honda HR-V car also has a center console with a unique design, and it comes with AC vents on the passenger side.

Let’s not forget about the 7-inch touchscreen system that provides all the information you need from your Honda. It’s very functional and is tilted towards driver’s side.

Honda HRV interior dashboard


  • Cruise control
  • Push Button Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • Electric parking brake
  • Tilt and telescopic steering
  • Leather upholstery
  • Touch sensitive panel for automatic climate control
  • Electrical adjustments for rear view mirrors


The Honda HR-V car is without a doubt modern and contemporary. It has the larger and wide Y shaped face that is so typically Honda, with a simple chrome finished strip with the Honda’s logo sitting in between.

Plus it comes with full LED headlamps with LED daytime running, going with the modern trend of LEDs.

The front of the HR-V is very strong and muscular looking. The curvy roofline makes it look sportier than all the other crossovers.

The rear look of the HR-V is less dramatic as compared to the front but the design is modern and classic with shaped tail lamps.

ruse black metallic Honda HR-V front light


The Honda HR-V car is sitting on 17-inch wheels, with a ground clearance of 198 mm, making it capable of manoeuvring any bad roads with ease.

Also the HR-V comes with standard McPherson struts at the front and torsion between at the rear.


The Honda HR-V car comes with:

  • 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating
  • 6 Airbags: Dual, Side and Curtain airbags
  • ABS & EBD
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Brake Assist
  • Electric Parking Brake
  • Parking Sensors
  • ISOFIX Mounts
  • Seatbelt pre-tensioners with force limiters

Honda HR-V interior

In conclusion

The Honda HR-V car is without a doubt a solid crossover. The engine scores high on refinement and power delivery. The interior space feels ample and passengers will be very comfortable sitting in there.

Another great benefit of the Honda HR-V car is the fuel consumption — 15.0 km/litre (6.7 l/100 km). The Eco button is perfect for city driving, making the car smoother in traffic, plus it helps you become a better Eco driver.

In fact, it’s the perfect working car that is great for all the family. You can easily adapt to the car — you can borrow it to any family member without worry.

The Honda HR-V car Malaysia price started from RM 92,545.00 to RM110,818.00. Make sure to check out Honda Malaysia Promotion to get the best deal for this amazing crossover.

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