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red Honda Jazz side view

Which model should I choose for Honda Jazz 1.5L? S, E, V or Hybrid?

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The Honda Jazz is one of the best compact cars on the market today, as it offers a spectacular drive, paired with a fun body.

The car is designed for enthusiasts who simply love to get things done, which is why the Honda Jazz offers them a generous amount of space to carry much more than their belongings.

The car is completely loaded with all the must haves for a powerful vehicle, yet offers a simple and carefree style.

This five-person vehicle covers all the basics and is here to help you start your new journey.

The Honda Jazz price in Malaysia depends on the exact model and year you are after. As for now, the Honda Jazz is available in 1.5LS, 1.5L E, 1.5L V, and 1.5L Hybrid.


If you are in Penang or around the area, you can get all the information you need from the Formula Venture as they are backed by experienced technicians that can offer you any assistance you might need.

The service centres are not just for Honda Jazz vehicles, they offer you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with Honda.

Honda Jazz available colors model

When it comes to picking the perfect Honda Jazz for you, what it really comes down to is what you would want in a vehicle.

The exterior might be more or less the same, but what really matters is what is on the inside.

To help you out, we have listed some of the most basic features of these Honda Jazz vehicles, so you can make a well-informed decision based on all the information you may need.

Moreover, Honda Jazz price in Malaysia depends on a number of things, which is why you should keep your options open.

Models Honda Jazz 1.5L S Honda Jazz 1.5L E Honda Jazz 1.5L V
Engine Type 4 Cylinders, 16 Valve, SOHC i-VTEC 4 Cylinders, 16 Valve, SOHC i-VTEC 4 Cylinders, 16 Valve, SOHC i-VTEC
Fuel Supply System Electronic Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) Electronic Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) Electronic Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Displacement (cc) 1497 1497 1497
Maximum Power 
120(88)@6600 120(88)@6600 120(88)@6600
Maximum Torque 
145(14.8)@4600 145(14.8)@4600 145(14.8)@4600
Transmission Type Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
Steering System
Type Electric Power Steering (EPS) Electric Power Steering (EPS) Electric Power Steering (EPS)
Turning Radius at Body (m) 5.4 5.4 5.4
Brake System
Front Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc
Rear Drum Drum Drum
Suspension System
Front MacPherson Strut MacPherson Strut MacPherson Strut
Rear Torsion Beam Torsion Beam Torsion Beam
Overall Length (mm) 3989 3989 3989
Overall Width (mm) 1694 1694 1694
Overall Height (mm) 1524 1524 1524
Wheelbase (mm) 2530 2530 2530
Tread Front (mm) 1492 1492 1476
Tread Rear (mm) 1481 1481 1466
Curb Weight (kg) 1079 1091 1099
Ground Clearance (mm) 137 137 137
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litre) 40 40 40
Boot Capacity Rear Seat Up (Litre) 363 363 363
Boot Capacity Rear Seat Down (Litre) 881 881 881
Wheels and Tyres
Alloy 15 15 16
Tyre Size 175/65R15 175/65R15 185/55R16
Spare Tyre

What Model Should I Choose?

The Honda Jazz is currently available in four different models as follows:

  1. Honda Jazz 1.5LS
  2. Honda Jazz 1.5L E
  3. Honda Jazz 1.5L V
  4. Honda Jazz 1.5L Hybrid

Now, once you know the basic differences between these vehicles, the only thing left to compare is the price, which is why we suggest you get in touch with us, the authorised Honda dealer in Penang, Malaysia.

They will be able to offer you Honda Jazz prices depending on your choice. Moreover, they will be able to help answer and any all question you might have about the Honda Jazz vehicles.

Honda Jazz meter dashboard

What Does The Honda Jazz Offer?

When it comes to petrol variants the Honda Jazz offers a choice between four shades.

The Jazz Sports Hybrid comes in three color choices, allowing you the chance to choose the vehicle based on your personal preferences.

In addition, these variants of Honda Jazz come with a 5-year warranty package, while the Hybrid offers an 8-year warranty on the battery pack.

In terms of performance, each of the variants offers a smooth drive and a powerful engine.

However, the Jazz hybrid takes it to the next level by offering an intelligent power unit hybrid system, offering its driver a chance to experience high power electric motor.

Despite the compact size, Honda has left no stone unturned, which is why all variants come with dual airbags and top of the line safety features.

To learn more about the safety offered by the Honda Jazz, visit your nearest authorised Honda dear in Penang.

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blue Honda City

4 Reasons to Choose Honda Cars?

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Honda has been around since 1937, offering some of the most amazing economical cars around the world.

The company was founded by a Japanese dropout, who was determined to make the company work. Since its inception, Honda has aimed to turn customers’ dreams into reality by offering them top of the line quality and control.

To this date, it offers a range of vehicles that go from mini cars to SUVs, offering buyers the arrangement they have been looking for.

To make it easier for their valued customers in Malaysia, it has several Honda service centers in Malaysia that provide customers with all the assistance they need.

Formula Venture Butterworth showroom

With each passing year, we have seen new and improved auto trends that take the world by storm, keeping people on the edge of their seats.

As vehicles are no longer just a source of transportation, they also determine your financial status and help set a place for you in the society, which is why users change their vehicles more often than ever.

However, in Malaysia, there are cars with better resale value. Moreover, buying the right cars in Malaysia will prevent one from going through the painful process of losing tons of money, especially in maintenance.

By just looking at Honda Civic price in Malaysia, one can understand that with Honda, it’s possible to drive around a semi-luxurious car without breaking his or her bank.

Keep reading to learn more about Honda cars, and why you need one.


Honda Odyssey econ button

1. Fuel Efficiency

With the rising prices, we have to keep each matter in check, which includes the fuel price.

Driving around all day is fun, but it comes at a price. The Honda is designed to offer you the best fuel efficiency when driving in the city, or on the highway.

Each car has a specific range, and there is a choice between regular fuel-efficient vehicles, eco-friendly vehicles, and hybrids so you can go the extra mile without having to put away a great chunk of your salary on fuel.

Look at the latest Honda City sold in Malaysia, and you will find a sleek and modern vehicle that comes with all the must-haves in a highly efficient car. Now, imagine the extra edge of fuel efficiency, and how it makes a difference.

The Honda service center Malaysia will be able to offer you the exact number regarding the model you are after.


Honda Civic front view

2. Trust

The brand is built on trust and transparency, which is why the Honda service center in Malaysia is open for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, the help center will be able to guide you in the perfect direction. The transparency is part of the process and helps build a connection with you.

In addition, Honda track record has been exceptional, as the handy Civic has been listed as one of the top-selling vehicles in the last 20 years.


Honda City airbag

3. Safety

One of the main factors you look for after checking Honda City price in Malaysia, is the safety features the vehicle has to offer.

Fortunately, Honda understands the need to protect you and your loved ones, and that’s why each vehicle is packed with durable seatbelts and airbags.

These help keep collision at minimum damage and help keep the driver and passengers safe.

In addition, the entire vehicle and engine are built on strict safety measures and quality control, which in turn offers users a safe and reliable journey all the time.


Honda Civic interior

4. Affordable

Honda vehicles are more affordable than most vehicles on the market today, and offer a significant lead when it comes to performance.

You can easily match Honda Civic prices in Malaysia to other vehicles available in the country.

Rest assured you can see the significant difference in prices and performance.

Moreover, there is a range of financing opportunities that you can take advantage of in Malaysia.

Buying a car is a major decision for many. Choosing a Honda makes things a lot easier for many of us, and the company is always honoured to fulfill the dreams of its customers by offering the best quality cars and after sale service.

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