Honda Civic Type R 2019 – Malaysia

Honda Civic Type-R back viewHonda Civic Type-R sporting red driving seatHonda Civic Type-R interior viewHonda Civic Type-R interior

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Peninsular Malaysia

Selling Price 329,174.00
Road Tax (1 Year) 378.00
Registration Fee 300.00
Handling Fee 50.00
Number Plate 50.00
Ownership Endorsement Fee 50.00
Retail Price Without Insurance 330,002.00
Sum Insured 330,000.00



  1. Prices and specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.
  2. For Company Registration:
    • Registration Fee is RM500.
    • Road Tax is doubled.
  3. 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage*
    Free Labour Service applicable up to 5 times within 100,000km or 5 years*
    *Terms and Conditions apply

Honda 5 years warranty, free labour service

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