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Honda Civic Hybrid silver front view

Should I Buy a Hybrid Car?

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As you may know, hybrid cars are becoming more popular and more common.

But what exactly is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car uses an electric motor and a conventional engine (either petrol or diesel). The electric motor is used when the car is driving at lower speeds, and gas engine powers it at higher speeds.

A hybrid car like Honda City Hybrid or Civic Hybrid not only conserves fuel but also produce less C02 emission, so they are great for a greener drive. Even though they are very popular, many people are still not aware of how hybrid vehicles work.

This technology has been around since early 1900’s, but it has only been in the last decade that the price of manufacturing them has brought them into the range of possibility for the average driver.

For example, the Honda City Hybrid has an initial price of approximately RM89,200 without insurance, so it is a great option for smart consumers/drivers.

Hybrid cars are almost always associated with the kind that uses electricity as the primary alternate fuel, but right now there are more options available. In fact, there are many advantages of having an electric car. Let’s talk more about it.

Honda Civic Hybrid interior


Environmentally Friendly

A hybrid car runs cleaner and has better gas mileage over gasoline powered cars, making them very environmentally friendly. It cuts fuel consumption and conserves energy.

Financial Benefits

Hybrid cars are really affordable in the long run. For example, the Honda Jazz Hybrid Car has an engine capacity of 1.3, allowing car owners to really save money on petrol.

Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels:

A hybrid car requires less fuel to run, is less dependent on fossil fuels and is much cleaner,

Braking System

You only need to apply brake while driving a hybrid vehicle to recharge your battery. This great technology used an internal mechanism to capture the energy release and uses it to charge the battery. This eliminates the amount of time for stopping to recharge the battery periodically.

Light Materials

Hybrid cars are made up of lighter materials, and the engine is also smaller and lighter, which in turn helps in energy saving.

Higher Resale Value

As petrol is becoming more expensive every day, more people are turning to hybrid cars, giving it a good resale value.

As you can see, there are many advantages of owning a hybrid car, with one of the most important being helping you to control your budget as petrol prices continue to rise. While saving on your monthly expenses, hybrid car owners will also have a chance to make a positive impact on the environment.

Remember deciding whether or not a hybrid car is right for you is more than just about the environment and budget. You need to look at the resources in your area that can help you in providing maintenance and support to maintain and sustain the car.

A great place to start looking at is the Honda service center in Penang. This is because you will need mechanics that are familiar with this type of vehicles and engines.

Finally, don’t forget to look into any credits or discounts that may be available to help you lower the cost of owning a Honda hybrid vehicle.

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